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Our online M.S. in Environmental Engineering program is designed for working professionals and can help you earn a master’s degree in environmental engineering within 2 years. The program focuses on creating a fully supported online learning environment where you will collaborate with faculty and classmates from across the country and around the world. All classes are 100% online and can be completed in convenient, seven-week long terms.

  1. Classes are just 6 to 7.5 weeks in length
  2. Classes are completely online and on your schedule
  3. You can complete all 30 credits in only 2 years.
  4. Classes integrate theory with real world applications. Most classes include a project instead of a final exam so you can apply what you’ve learned.

Students learn to develop sustainable solutions to complex environmental problems by exploring areas of environmental engineering such as environmental protection issues, water quality, water purification, wastewater treatment, solid waste management systems, site remediation, and emission control measures.

Our graduates are prepared to work with prestigious agencies and companies such as:

Environmental Engineer – A Top Job

CNN/Payscale ranked the best jobs in America according to growth, job satisfaction, and great pay. Environmental Engineering made it onto the list of the top 100, in part, due to an expected job growth of 12%, low stress, and high median pay of $81,500.
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Pollution, water treatment, and water quality. These are just a few of the skills we teach our #environmentalengineering students. Learn all about our Master program to advance your career. https://t.co/21Z7W3Gdro

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Looking for a Master's program that fits your life and can advance your career? Our online Environmental Engineering Master's Degree is just the ticket. https://t.co/21Z7W3Gdro #EnvironmentalEngineering

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