Online Faculty in Criminal Justice

Below are several of the online criminal justice faculty members that teach graduate courses in our program. For a full listing of our faculty, visit our Lee College Faculty page.

John DeCarlo

Ph.D. City University of New York Graduate Center

Dr. DeCarlo has 34 years of police experience and is a retired chief of police. He is also the co-founder of NexGen Public Safety Software Solutions and served as the director of research and development for the company. His current research centers on policing methodologies and their effect on crime, police system organization, eyewitness memory, policing efficacy and management strategies, organizational dysfunction and change, police unionism and environmental criminology. DeCarlo is currently conducting research in police contagion shooting and the antecedents to violence escalation and conducting action research in areas of police education and organizational change interventions and predictive policing and analysis. Dr. DeCarlo has been the recipient of several federal grants to study policing in the United States. Dr. DeCarlo is the founder of The Center for Advanced Policing at the University of New Haven and coordinated the Police Studies program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Maria Tcherni-Buzzeo

Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, University at Albany, SUNY, 2011

Dr. Tcherni’s research interests include examining crime trends and patterns, with a focus on structural causes of violence and homicide. Her primary focus is on areas that affect the criminal justice system like poverty, education, and family structure. Her courses also examine the interplay of these factors with family-level issues like child abuse and neglect, along with individual-level factors like mental health issues, tendencies towards risky behaviors, and life valuation.

Edward Keane

Licensed Clinician in the State of Connecticut
Board Certified in Trauma and Stress
Active Member of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

Dr. Keane is an adjunct professor at the Henry Lee College of Criminal Justice at the University of New Haven as well as a professor of psychology and sociology, and the coordinator of the human services program at Housatonic community college in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
In addition to teaching, he provides consulting services to many organizations in the areas of organizational development and clinical services.  He has served as the director of planning and research for the United Way, a program consultant to the educational foundation of America, founder and director of the Greater Bridgeport Adolescent Pregnancy Program, Chairman of two State of Connecticut Commissions on adolescent health, and a three-time Yale University postdoctoral fellow in clinical psychology, organizational leadership, and medical psychology.
Dr. Keane is a police psychologist/mental health specialist for a regional police crisis/hostage negotiation unit. He is a licensed is a clinician in the State of Connecticut, as well as Board Certified in Trauma and Stress and an active member of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology.