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According to the US Department of Labor, the median annual earnings for first-line supervisors of police and detectives is $84,260.

1/2 price tuition for all sworn police officers and firefighters

The University of New Haven is proud to offer a 50% tuition discount on our Lee College graduate degrees to all sworn police officers and firefighters.
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The decisions that are made in the courts of the United States affect how laws are implemented and enforced, which in turn directly impacts law enforcement officers. @TheIACP #lawenforcement

Our criminal justice faculty are among the best in the country. Our staff works hard to provide you with the skills you will need to be successful in a leadership role. Learn more here:

https://online.newhaven.edu/masters-in-criminal-justice/ #lawenforcement #communitypolicing

We support the efforts of law enforcement employees to further their education by providing a 30 percent discount on our Lee College graduate degrees to all sworn officers. Learn more here:

https://online.newhaven.edu/financial-aid-for-online-students/discount-for-police-firefighters/ #lawenforcement #communitypolicing

What does it take to be an exemplary leader? A true leader must embody these 10 attributes to be an effective leader.

https://www.policechiefmagazine.org/10-essential-attributes-of-effective-leaders/ #lawenforcement #communitypolicing

We need more of this in society. At the end of the day, we are all human and want to make it home to our loved ones at the end of the day.

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