Master of Public Administration:
Concentration in Fire and Emergency Medical Services

The general purpose of this concentration is to prepare individuals at the graduate level to lead fire and emergency medical service organizations. The program strives to equip students with modern analytic and quantitative tools of decision-making and their application to complex problems of government and nonprofit organizations. In addition, the program will increase the student’s knowledge and skills in the management functions of budgeting, planning, public policy formulation, public finance, public personnel administration, and collective bargaining. 

Students must complete the list courses below:

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To complete this program, students must earn 36 credit hours. Many students are eligible for 3 credits of waivers toward completion as a result of work in public administration settings, but those who are not will complete a 3-credit focused practicum, PADM 6600.

  • PADM 6601 – Principles of Public Administration
  • PADM 6602 – Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • * PADM 6611 – Research Methods in Public Administration
  • PADM 6620 – Personnel Administration and Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector
  • PADM 6625 – Administrative Behavior
  • PADM 6632 – Public Finance and Budgeting
  • * PADM 6635 – Political Economy
  • * PADM 6690 – Research Seminar
  • Electives or Concentration (three courses)

* Indicates required courses available only in the 15-week or full-term format. All other required courses are offered in the 6.5-7-week, or mini-term, format. Please note some electives are also 15-week courses.

  • FIRE 6631 – Organization and Management of Fire and Emergency Medical Services
  • FIRE 6632 – Strategic Planning for Public Safety Leaders
  • FIRE 6633 – Issues in Public Safety Professional Responsibility

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