Criminal Justice Online Graduate Curriculum

A Nationally Recognized Master’s Program That’s 100% Online

Designed for working professionals in Criminal Justice and related fields, our fully online, 36-credit Master of Science in Criminal Justice prepares you to become a leader in your field. You will be part of a graduate education that is relevant to your career and convenient to your schedule.

We pride ourselves on providing degrees rooted in practical, hands-on education through class projects, teamwork, research, and discussions.

And completing your Master’s in Criminal Justice won’t interfere with your busy schedule. Our online courses are offered year-round, so you can finish your Criminal Justice graduate program in two years, without even setting foot on campus.

The Real World Is Your Study Guide

As part of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, the Criminal Justice Online Program integrates diverse academic perspectives to provide a comprehensive and professional understanding of crime and the issues facing criminal justice agencies in the 21st century.

What you learn in our virtual classroom will be brought to life by integrating theory with real-world applications. Through active discussions and carefully designed exercises, you’ll engage in a dynamic learning community with your instructors and fellow students.

Our 36-credit Criminal Justice Online Master’s Program covers a core curriculum (12 credits) of modern theories and research methods relevant to Criminal Justice, as well as eight elective courses (24 credits). Courses are offered in short 6-7.5 week terms.

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum provides a solid foundation in social and behavioral sciences. It focuses on the theories and research used to understand causes of and societal reactions to crime.

CJ Areas of Focus

Choose from the following focus areas:

Crime Analysis

  • Crime Mapping and Analysis
  • Quantitative Applications in Criminal Justice
  • Problem Oriented Policing

Police Behavioral Studies

  • Police Behavioral Sciences
  • Police Behavioral Investigations
  • Mental Health and the Law

Leadership and Management

  • Criminal Justice Management
  • Leadership Issues in Policing
  • Principles of Public Administration


Our master’s degree students select eight elective courses (24 credits) from a broad range of criminal justice topics. Students choose eight of the approved elective courses listed below, and (with approval) may choose electives in other relevant areas in which they seek more expertise: