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A 100% Online, Nationally Renowned Master’s Degree 

Designed for working professionals who want to excel in a leadership role within government, nonprofit, or public service, our Master of Public Administration program focuses on exploring and addressing the challenges faced in the growth and support of the public sector. Course outcomes include management, how to set a budget, and creating a strategic direction for your department, organization, or city. 

This exciting 36-credit hour Master of Public Administration degree is rooted in practical, hands-on education through class projects, teamwork, research, and discussions. 

Completing your Master of Public Administration won’t interfere with your busy schedule as our online courses are offered year-round, so you can finish your masters in two years without even setting foot on campus. 

Our Curriculum 

As part of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, our Master of Public Administration program integrates diverse academic perspectives to provide a comprehensive and professional understanding of the field. What you learn in the virtual classroom will be brought to life by combining theory with real-world applications. In addition, you will engage in a dynamic learning community with your instructors and fellow students through active discussions and carefully developed exercises. 

Our 36-credit-hour online master’s program covers a broad curriculum of theories and research methods relevant to Public Administration.  

To complete the program, students must complete the required courses and an additional nine elective courses; generally, students will select from one of the below concentrations. Students can elect to complete the degree without a concentration area, in which case, they may choose, in consultation with their advisor, three additional elective courses. 

Required Courses (8 courses/24 credits)

The following required courses are offered in the 6.5-7-week, or mini-term, format:

  • PADM 6601 – Principles of Public Administration
  • PADM 6602 – Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • PADM 6620 – Personnel Administration and Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector
  • PADM 6625 – Administrative Behavior
  • PADM 6632 – Public Finance and Budgeting

The following required courses are only offered in the 15-week, or full-term, format:

  • PADM 6611 – Quantitative Methods in Public Admin
  • PADM 6635 – Political Economy
  • PADM 6690 – Research Seminar

Choose a Concentration

Or work with your program advisor to build your own.

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