Term Schedule

When You’re Ready, We’re Ready For You

Our online courses are offered year-round during six terms, each lasting approximately 6.5 to 7 weeks.

The schedule and polices for the online programs differs from and supersedes the schedule and polices for traditional on-ground programs. Students enrolled in courses in online programs will follow the schedule and policies below.

Online Programs Schedule 2017-2018

Term Application Deadline Term Start Date Withdrawal Deadline
Summer I (2017) 4/21/17 5/13/17 5/17/17
Summer II (2017)* 6/14/17 7/5/17 7/7/17
Fall (2017) 7/31/17 8/24/17 9/5/17
Fall II (2017) 9/18/17 10/20/17 10/27/17
Spring I (2018) 12/5/17 1/17/18 1/24/18
Spring II (2018) 2/20/18 3/19/18 3/21/18
Summer I (2018) 4/17/18 5/12/18 5/16/18
Summer II (2018) 6/5/18 7/5/18 7/9/18

*Fourth of July: 7/4/17 (UNH Offices Closed)

Application Deadline:

The student must have a COMPLETE application for admission on file, including all documents and transcripts by this date.

*In order to qualify for federal financial aid, students must be enrolled for both Term I and II.

Other Online Programs at UNH

We also offer an Online Masters in Criminal Justice and an Online Masters in Emergency Management

Active Connecticut police officers and firefighters may qualify for a 50% discount on tuition. In addition, IAFCI members may receive a 20% discount. Click here to learn more >