Emergency Management Graduate Curriculum

As part of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, the M.S. in Emergency Management integrates diverse academic perspectives to provide a comprehensive and professional understanding of the Emergency Management field. What you learn in the virtual classroom will be brought to life by integrating theory with real-world applications. Through active discussions and carefully developed exercises, you will engage in a dynamic learning community with your instructors and fellow students.

Our 36-credit online master’s program covers a broad curriculum of theories and research methods relevant to Emergency Management. Courses are offered in 6 to 7.5 week terms, and provide students with a solid foundation for success.

Required Courses (12 courses/36 credits)

•  EMGT 6601 – Principles of Emergency Management
•  EMGT 6602 – Principles and Practices of Hazard Mitigation
•  EMGT 6603 – Catastrophe Readiness and Response
•  EMGT 6604 – Holistic Disaster Recovery: Creating a More Sustainable Future
•  EMGT 6610 – Disaster Response Operations and Management
•  EMGT 6624 – Social Dimensions of Disaster
•  EMGT 6628 – Emergency Incident Management
•  EMGT 6630 – Food Plain Management
•  EMGT 6635 – Political and Policy Basis of Emergency Management
•  EMGT 6690 – Emergency Management Research Project
•  EMGT 6697 – Emergency Management Thesis Proposal and Research
•  EMGT 6698 – Emergency Management Thesis Writing and Defense
“The University of New Haven’s online M.S in Emergency Management ‎is a great flexible program for working professionals that is taught by industry professionals who teaches us the importance of being ready and to expect the unexpected when it comes to emergencies. It focuses on being ready for it by planning before hand and using past emergencies to better prevent and facilitate future emergencies. The program also states the importance of working with all stake holders involved to work together to help control and put a quick end to the emergency at hand.”

Other Online Graduate Programs

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