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Our bachelor’s degree can help position you for a leadership role, while helping you plan for the protection and support of our country.

  • 100% online. Classes are completely on your schedule.
  • One course per term. Most courses are offered in our 6-8 week format, so you can take one course per mini-term for maximum work-life balance.
  • On your schedule. Our online courses are asynchronous, which means you can complete coursework when it’s convenient for you. You have deadlines, but not scheduled class times.

You can also choose from two tracks:

Emergency Management – Become the best at planning for the worst. Learn to design an Emergency Management plan, ensure business continuity, and prepare for man-made or natural disasters.

Homeland Security – Know how to protect critical infrastructure and navigate some of the country’s hottest homeland security and terrorism topics. From border security to weapons of mass destruction, a bachelor’s that includes Homeland Security will prepare you to become part of our government’s strong security network.

This degree will also qualify you for a wide range of career opportunities, including jobs with the TSA, FEMA, Customs and Border Protection. And while these federal, state, and local government agencies offer many opportunities, there are also private companies and nonprofit organizations to consider.

Click here to start your application. It’s easy to complete. If you have taken college courses or have graduated from high school more than five years ago, we may not require that you submit scores from the SAT, ACT, or other exams.

You can also learn more about the courses on our curriculum page or learn about the faculty that teach in the program.

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Kudos to Pennsylvania for pushing to get hazard pay for first responders during COVID. This seems like the least we can do for those who risk their lives for us every day. Thanks for the share @NAEMT_ !

Weather, environmental, and terrorist threats are not going away. The University of New Haven's 100% online Master's in Emergency Management will help you develop the skills needed to prepare, respond and mitigate a crisis. #CrisisManagement #BePrepared

At the University of New Haven, we offer a B.S. in #HomelandSecurity and Emergency Management for those looking to protect the nation from outside threats. Connect with us today to learn more about our programs to find the right career path for you.

It's great to see all the support for those working to protect lives and property. Thank you first responders for all that you do!

Ever wonder what the Dept. of Homeland Security really does? Read about it here:

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