Online Graduate Curriculum in Investigations

Our online Master’s in Investigations program is unlike any other program in the industry. Here are the reasons our program stands out as a leader in this field:

100% online

This means you can complete the program from anywhere in the country.

Finish in as little as one year

Our master’s degree in investigations is a 30-credit hour, 10-course degree that can be completed in around ten months. This accelerated curriculum allows you to earn your master’s degree at a pace consistent with your career goals while balancing it with your life demands.

Select a concentration that makes sense for you

Investigations is a broad topic area. To get the most from your master’s degree, we recommend you choose one of the three concentrations offered by the University of New Haven:

  • Criminal Investigations — For those in law enforcement, this concentration will prepare you to help solve crimes and to be a greater asset to your law enforcement team.
  • Financial Crimes — The Financial Crimes Investigation concentration examines a broad spectrum of financial crimes. This concentration prepares you to tackle cybercrime, financial fraud, international crime, healthcare fraud, and organized crime to name a few. This concentration can be further customized to focus on the private sector or public sector investigation, depending on your career interest.
  • Digital Forensics – Our focus on digital and cybercrime will teach you how to protect an organization’s digital presence and to investigate crimes perpetrated via technological means. This concentration is perfect for those in law enforcement as well as the private sector.

We also offer Graduate Certificates in Investigations for individual seeking graduate level courses, but not a full master’s degree.

Maximize your earning potential and skillset

A master’s degree in investigations will strengthen your earning potential, make you a more valuable team member and also create opportunities to move into greater leadership roles.

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