Homeland Security and Emergency Management Resources

There are many online resources for individuals currently in the field or looking to enter the field of emergency management of homeland security. We have included some links about associations and careers that may prove useful as you explore the University of New Haven and examine how your experiences here can impact your career path.

Associations and Conferences

Our program can provide opportunities to partner with many associations. Many of these organizations have state/local chapters that students may engage with, attend seminars and conferences, as well as become student members. Some of the associations in which you can be affiliated with are:

National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) – https://www.nemaweb.org/

International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) – https://www.iaem.org/

International Association for Disaster Preparedness and Response (DERA) – http://www.disasters.org

National Homeland Security Conference – http://www.nationalhomelandsecurity.org/

AFCEA International – https://www.afcea.org/site/

SAFECOM – https://www.dhs.gov/safecom