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Environmental Engineering is a widely growing and respected specialization in the Engineering field and the University of New Haven’s faculty are experts in the field. Our online Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering is taught by faculty who are scholar practitioners. They have practical, real-world experience as well as background in research to back up what they know.  Meet a few of them …

Graduate Environmental Engineering Coordinator Agamemnon Koutsospyros Ph.D. outlines the key components of the online graduate environmental engineering program at the University of New Haven.

Dr. Emese Hadnagy

Dr. Emese Hadnagy is an Assistant Professor and the Graduate Coordinator of the Online MS in Environmental Engineering program at the University of New Haven.  Dr. Hadnagy teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses in water resources and environmental engineering (both on-campus and online). Her current research focuses on innovative chemical treatment technologies and on surface water quality issues. Dr. Hadnagy was attracted to the University of New Haven because of its strong focus on applied engineering education, its innovative efforts in developing online courses, and because she wanted to teach in a small classroom setting where she could have a lot of personal interaction with students.  In her courses, she strives to achieve a healthy balance between theory and application, and her main goal is to foster independence in her students to help them transfer the knowledge they gained in the classroom to their current and future jobs.

Dr. Agamemnon Koutsospyros

Dr. Agamemnon Koutsospyros is a Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Environmental Engineering at the University of New Haven. He holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a M.S. and Ph.D. form Polytechnic University of New York (NYU Tandon School of Engineering). His research interests include physical, chemical, and biological processes for degradation of pollutants, fate and transport of environmental contaminants, use of waste and renewable materials in remedial processes, and anaerobic degradation of microalgae for biogas production. He is the author of many publications in scientific journals, conference proceedings, and reference books. He is the founder of the fully online M.S. Environmental Engineering at the University of New Haven and a founding member of the International Conference Protection and Restoration of the Environment.

Dr. Jean Nocito-Gobel

Dr. Jean Nocito-Gobel is a Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of New Haven.  She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Dr. Nocito-Gobel teaches undergraduate courses in engineering at the introductory level, as well as undergraduate and graduate level courses in environmental engineering (both on-campus and online).   Her research interests include modeling the transport and fate of contaminants in groundwater and surface water systems, as well as engineering education reform.  She is the faculty advisor to the student chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB) at the university.

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